Fresh vegetable soup                                                                                                             £5.85


Selection of cured meats to share                                                                            £7.50 - £14.80

Parma ham, salame, smoked ham, bresaola, parmiggiano, provola piccante,

green olives and crescentine bread 


Insalata caprese £6.95

Buffalo mozzarella with tomato, olive oil, oregano and basil


Arancini £6.50

Home-made fried rice balls filled with ragu, mozzarella cheese or vegetables 

and smokedprovola


Cozze alla marinara £7.00

Mussels cooked in a white wine and garlic sauce 


Bruschetta £6.00

Classic bruschetta made with pizza base with cherry tomato, oregano and olive oil


Carpaccio di bresaola £7.50

Bresaola with rocket, parmesan and lemon


Scampi all’aglio £7.50 

King prawns cooked in a white wine and garlic sauce with 

a touch of tomato sauce 


Pizza all’aglio £6.50

Garlic pizza with rosemary, mozzarella cheese and sea salt

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